Monday, December 6, 2010

Icahn Launches Website to Help Elect 5 Directors to Lions Gate Board

On December 6 Icahn launched a website Save Lions Gate in an effort to help elect 5 new directors to Lions Gate's 12-member board.  The annual meeting is scheduled for December 14.

The site contains Icahn's December 3 presentation to ISS titled "Why Change is Needed at Lions Gate" along with a presentation to ISS from the investment bank Salem Partners (prepared at the request of Icahn).  The site also compares Lions Gate's board nominees to Icahn's board nominees.

Lions Gate also presented to ISS.  The Company's presentation is available here.

To read a summary of events going back to February 2009 download a recent December 3, 2010 Catalyst Investment Research Report from Hedge Fund Solutions.

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