Friday, February 21, 2014

Activist Investing Seminar - NYC

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The New Breed of Activist Investor   

Afternoon Seminar + Reception
February 24, 2014
New York, NY


Princeton Club
15 West 43rd Street
New York, NY 10036


Feb 24, 2014 

4:00 pm  - 6:00 pm Seminar
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm Reception


$50 On-line registration
$100 At the door registration

Complimentary to qualified news provider subscribers 
To register, contact:

Johnathan Lugo

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With activist investors generating large gains in 2013, other managers are examining the strategy in detail. This seminar will help other managers decide whether they should pursue this course and what they need to do so.

Overview of the activist space
Jared Landaw, Barington Capital Group

How and when does a manager assemble a team if he wants to go activist
  • What works - common themes among successful activist campaigns
  • What are the pitfalls to avoid
Chris Davis, Kleinberg, Kaplan, Wolff & Cohen
Scott Winter, Innisfree M&A

Institutional Investor Viewpoint
  • How institutional investors are getting more involved in activist investing
  • what they look for before getting involved
  • what approaches can they take
  • what has worked best
  • management vs activist manager
Stephen Brown, TIAA-Cref

Manager  war stories

An activist investor will share his approach to activist investing. He  will discuss:
  • what they look for
  • what they avoid
  • what makes a good activist target
  • at what point do they decide to turn from working behind the scenes with a company to going more public with respect to an activist investment
  • how do they decide which levers to use
  • what lessons have they learned being an activist investor.
James Mitarotonda, Barington Capital Group 

An activist will discuss five different categories that targets fit into and provide appropriate examples.
  • Poor executive management
  • Strategic and operational issues
  • Bad division masking a good division
  • Company needs to be sold
  • Wrong capital structure
Eric Rosenfeld, Crescendo Partners

$50 On-line registration
$100 At the door registration 
Complimentary to qualified news provider subscribers 

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Note: Business attire required

Questions? Contact: 

Johnathan Lugo