Thursday, June 26, 2008

TCI Loses Dividend Proposal at J-Power; Wins 4 Seats at CSX

On June 25th TCI lost a month long battle with J-Power, a Japanese nuclear power company. On May 21st TCI, which owns 9.9% of J-Power and who unsuccessfully attempted to increase their ownership to 20% by petitioning the government to do so, submitted five proposals to be voted on at the June 25th annual meeting. All five proposals, including one to double the company's dividend, one to restrict cross-shareholdings, and one to diversify the board with outside directors, were defeated by shareholders.
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Elsewhere on June 25th, TCI claimed a victory at CSX Corp. where they believe four of their five director nominees were elected to the board at the annual meeting. CSX management believe the vote is too close to call and will likely wait until IVS Associates (an independent inspector of elections) releases the official tally on Friday June 27th.
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