Thursday, December 11, 2008

10 Reasons Why 2009 Will Bring More Activism

Eric Jackson (one of our Activist Blog & Tacklers) recently wrote an article for titled "Why 2009 Will Bring More Activism". Here are the 10 reasons he gives. Read the whole article on or go to Eric's blog.

1. Obama will look favorably on pro-shareholder measures.
2. The new SEC chair will sponsor several new shareholder-friendly measures.
3. Valuations are on the floor.
4. A flight to quality in hedge funds will benefit activist investors.
5. Management and corporate boards will not want to be viewed as anti-shareholder.
6. There will be a wave of industry consolidation.
7. Activists have the longest lock-up periods of any hedge fund class, so they can put fresh capital to work.
8. Limits on short-selling will benefit activists.
9. Activists will become more blanaced on the long and short sides.
10. There's more to get "active" about than ever.