Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Not Just for Scholars...

…but also for corporate executives, investors, and their advisors: a rich new source of research, both academic and applied, in corporate governance. The Social Science Research Network (SSRN) has created a separate section dedicated to corporate governance.

For those who don’t know it, the SSRN has become the go-to source for scholarly publications, mainly for academic work-in-progress, but also as a directory to newly-published papers and articles. Michael Jensen, one of the first professors to expound on the conflicts between investors and management, founded it ten years ago as a means of circulating academic working papers electronically. In addition to providing a searchable archive of these papers, members can subscribe to numerous daily email newsletters that announce newly-published or updated papers.

SSRN has now started its Corporate Governance Network (CGN), really a collection of 21 subject matter “eJournals” that cover a wide range of subjects, from economics to law to executive compensation to behavioral psychology. It will also include a section on case studies. Lucien Bebchuk of Harvard University, a well-known luminary in governance and executive compensation, will serve as the editor for the CGN. And, subscribing to the email newsletters for all 21 subject matter areas will cost a grand total of $40/year after the start-up phase, worth the money.

Read one of SSRN's Top Ten downloads on shareholder activism. The Role of the Board in Turbulent Times: Avoiding Shareholder Activism. (A collaboration between Hedge Fund Solutions and The Conference Board, Inc.)

Mike Levin is with Hedge Fund Solutions. Mike is an expert on issues relating to shareholder activism, corporate governance and risk management.